About J. B. Wanhal Association

The Johann Baptist Wanhal Association is a non-profit making entity and has been voluntarily listed on the Swiss Commercial Register since August 2010.

The venture was initiated by three men: Pavel Svacinka HEC, a businessman with a deep interest in the music of Wanhal, Prof. Paul Bryan, Professor Emeritus at Duke University, North Carolina and the world’s leading Wanhal specialist, and Dr. Allan Badley, a specialist in 18th-century Viennese music, Senior Lecturer in Musicology at the University of Auckland (NZ) and co-founder of the publishing house Artaria Editions.

In keeping with the JBWA’s mission to reintroduce the world to the music of Wanhal, it takes an active role in facilitating new research on the composer’s life and works as well as working with artists and concert promoters around the world who are committed to exploring the extraordinary musical riches of the eighteenth century.

Among the active members of the JBWA are eminent scholars and performers from the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Austria and the United States.

We invite all who’re caught by the beautiful Wanhal’s music to join us or even to contribute to our investigations inserting into the data basis «Catalogue Research» any information about a location of the Master’s music manuscripts/prints.

The 275th anniversary of Wanhal’s birth (1739) is an another strong stimulus for our endeavour.

Management of the association