VANHAL at Minor Basilica of the Virgin Mary in Svatý Kopecek near Olomouc

October 9th, 2022 – 19.00
SVATY KOPECEK (Czech Republic)

Don’t miss an extraordinary event, presenting two essential genres of Vanhal’s creation : symphonies and  church music.

This concert entirely dedicated to our master, within the frame of the traditional Festival of Chuch Music (29th edition), will

take place at Minor Basilica of the Virgin Mary in Svaty Kopecek, one of the most beautiful barocco art interiors in Moravia.

On the program : Requiem E flat major, Missa C major and one of his best symphonies F minor that merits your full attention.

No other Vanhal’s symphony knows such as opening and there is nothing in Haydn’s instrumental minor clef music to this date

(around 1773). However, we might compare with the openings of the first movements of Mozart’s  Piano Quatuor in G minor,

K. 478 (1785) and Piano Sonata  in C minor, K.457 (1784). Both composed a decade later than Vanhal’s f1.

These works will be performed by an outstanding Czech ensemble Musica Florea.

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