Robert Franenberg at BASS2018 Lucca

Robert Franenberg will be giving a lecture and recital at the Basseurope Congress (BASS2018) in Lucca, Italy on Thursday August 2 in the Boccherini Saletta Rossa. He will talk about the contrabassist/composer Johann Mathias Sperger (1750-1812) and perform his Duetto for Contrabass and Viola. Franenberg is a long-term friend and associate of the JBWA, but Sperger has also been of immense importance to Wanhal, as his manuscript of Wanhal’s Contrabass Concerto is the only surviving copy of the piece. Without it, bassists around the world would never have had the chance to perform this lovely piece.
For more information see the BASS2018 website.